Excalibur Four - DAY & Knight (Morning Run) 2019

Saturday 06 April 2019

  • Saturday 06 April 2019
  • 09:00
  • £37.95 (Affiliated)
  • £39.95 (UnAttached)

Excalibur Four - DAY & Knight (Morning Run) 2019

On Saturday 6th April 2019 we're inviting you to come and join us for a medieval themed run or two along the beautiful river Thames.

This is this information for the Excalibur DAY Run in the morning.

The medal(s) are arguably some of the finest designs we've ever done!

In the morning (beginning at 9.00am) we'll have the Excalibur Day Run where you'll earn the antique gold sword and shields.

In the evening (beginning at 4.00pm) we'll have the Excalibur Knight Run where you'll earn the antique silver sword and shields.

BOTH medals are awesome standalone medals in their own right so don't worry if you can't make both events, but if you do come and run both then we have a special treat for you because if you do both then you have completed the Excalibur Four conquest and this becomes a TRIPLE medal day for you and we'll be giving you a whole extra medal.

The idea of many of our running events is to get you to push your limits, just a little bit, and to try new things (such as two events in a day) and to do this in a very supportive environment. So if you fancy trying two in a day, then these events are for you.

The Excalibur DAY & Knight Runs are both 6 hour timed events, with a marathon specific option, where you choose from 5km / 10km / half / marathon to ultra marathon, you can complete as many, or as few, laps as you like of a 5.3km, 3.28 mile, out and back, course along the beautiful river Thames. We welcome all abilities of runner - complete one lap and you're both a finisher and a winner in our eyes, or keep going and see how far you can get in the full 6 hour time limit and everyone gets the fabulous bespoke finishers' medal(s).

So, YES, that does mean that technically you could come and run two 5kms (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and walk away with not two, but THREE epic medals!

Places will be strictly limited.

Registration open from 8am

Off road trail, the terrain is riverside towpath. The overall course has no elevation gain / loss making this a flat and fast route.