Spring Marathon

Saturday 03 March 2018

  • Saturday 03 March 2018
  • 09:00
  • £30.40 (Affiliated)
  • £32.40 (UnAffiliated)

Spring Marathon

** Adverse Weather Plans - Please Read **

It's not long until the Spring Marathon and with emergency weather warnings in place around the U.K. and more snow forecast in the next 24 hours our adverse weather planning now kicks in. And, as you might imagine with all things Phoenix, we have options for you to cover all bases so no one looses out.

First things first - The Spring Marathon WILL GO AHEAD as planned on Saturday at the planned start time of 9.00am. The route is flat, perfectly runnable and currently covered in snow and utterly beautiful. If you want to run and can get to us SAFELY, then we will be there.

However, we fully recognise that many of you travel quite a distance to get to us and we always put safety first, so for this event we are completely suspending our usual runner transfer terms and giving the following options;

If you can't attend Saturday's event then you can transfer that entry into one of our next 3 events which have spaces. These are;

Groovy Baby on 8th April in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Top Run on May 11th in Walton on Thames, Surrey.

PJ's in the Park on June 3rd in Nonsuch Park, Sutton.

So that's 3 options in 3 different months in 3 different locations!

Now, because the Spring Marathon is part of this years Icebird Series and you need to complete all 4 in the series to get the Icebird medal..the additional also applies. Not only will we transfer you to one of the above, but your Spring Marathon Medal and effectively your Icebird entry goes with you. So, as long as you complete Marathon distance or longer in the event you transfer to, then you effectively complete race 1 in the series and your Icebird remains on track. I know Epic!

Ok, next - the above applies to everyone and I mean EVERYONE who has or 'had' an entry to the Spring Marathon. Quite a few people have already let me know they can't attend, so get back in touch as the above applies to you too so no one looses out.

All we ask is that you ideally let us know of your plans before 6 pm Friday (tomorrow) night so we can adjust race lists accordingly.

Please travel safely and for those attending - there will be a snowball fight!!

Please email us on PhoenixRunningUK@gmail.com

* * * * * *
This is a beautiful low key jaunt along the River Thames from Walton on Thames to Hampton Court and back. Runners complete 4 identical laps for the full marathon distance.

Medals to all finishers.

This is marathon race 1 in the 'Icebird' 4 marathon race series 2018.

Places will be strictly limited so don't leave it too late to enter.

Entries will close if maximum entry numbers are reached (this is highly likely). There is NO 'on the day entry'.

Registration opens from 8am. The postcode for your sat nav for parking on Waterside Drive is KT12 2JG.