VIRTUAL - Be More Phoenix - Silver

  • £29.99

VIRTUAL - Be More Phoenix - Silver

Introducing our 'Be More Phoenix - SILVER Saturday' Virtual Run to be held on Sat 20th March 2021.

In our bid to encourage more folks to keep on running during this difficult time we're going to do two days of virtual running on the third weekend in March. 'Be More Phoenix Silver Saturday' and 'Be More Phoenix Gold Sunday' on 20th / 21st March and you can CHOOSE your medal from a long list of phoenix favourites. There will be a drop down list when you sign up and this is an ideal chance to get your hands on a medal that perhaps you missed and we'll even have some of our belt buckles on offer.

The Saturday event will start for everyone at 00:00 on Saturday 20th March and you can head out for your run at anytime on Saturday. This is a single run event so once you've completely your run, simply log your miles through Phoenix World (details in the final event email) and you'll be added to the results.

The exciting bit :

You'll get a sequential BIB when you sign up and the first 30 folks to sign up will get FREE shiny silver wings. These are extremely limited and have not been done in shiny silver before and we only have 30 - so please be quick to sign up.

Further more if you sign up for the 'Be More Phoenix - Gold Sunday' event as well then not only do you get a set of GOLD shiny wings (also only 30 available) but will give you a set of YYFC wings too - so that's 3 FREE wings for two events.

This virtual run is a challenge for literally anyone of any running ability and gives us the chance to keep running virtually together.

Medal & Buckle Choices - subject to availability are as follows;

  • Lockdown Loo Roll Buckle
  • Christmas Advent Buckle
  • RUN January Bronze Buckle
  • Ran Dalorian
  • Ran Solo
  • Kylo Ran
  • Obi Ran
  • Frozen Phoenix - Brown
  • Frozen Phoenix - Grey
  • Frozen Phoenix - Red
  • Frozen Phoenix - Yellow
  • Pyjamathon - Red
  • Pyjamathon - Pink
  • Pyjamathon - Green
  • Shark Run - Grey Reef
  • Shark Run - Hammerhead
  • Shark Run - White Tip
  • Top Run - Sunglasses
  • Top Run - Fighter Plane
  • Top Run - Pilots Helmet
  • Band of Runners - Christmas Hat
  • Band of Runners - Beer Matt
  • Crocodile RUN-Dee
  • Daily Dash
  • Denbies 10
  • Denbies 20
  • Run to the Pub
  • Potter Blue Hat
  • Virtual Runner
  • V.E Day
  • Wedding Run
  • Dinosaur Dash - T-Rex Bones
  • Dinosaur Dash - Tricera Bones
  • Dinosaur Dash - Diplod Bones
  • Doughnut Dash
  • Gin Run - Yellow
  • Gin Run - Pink
  • Grease Lightning
  • Hopathon - Chocolate Freddo
  • Hopathon - Caramel Freddo
  • Jaw Dropper - Green
  • Jaw Dropper - Red
  • Marmalade Mooch
  • Mogwai Stripe
  • One Run to Rule Ring - Black
  • Party Train - Locomotive
  • Party Train - Key Workers Carriage
  • Party Train - Blue Bridge
  • Party Train - Marshals Carriage
  • Red Elven Ring
  • White Elven Ring
There's some epic phoenix bling in that list!

To sign-up and log in to your very own Phoenix WORLD account click here and follow the simple sign-up process. You only sign up once and then you can log in to your Phoenix WORLD to submit virtual results, see what future events you've entered in the crystal ball, manage your details and much, much more.

We provide a physical running service and by entering our events you are purchasing an actual run, either by attending our events or by running the event virtually yourself. All participants in our events, both attended and virtual, will receive a free giveaway medal / memento from your run.