VIRTUAL - Easter Island Egg Hunt VULTRA

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VIRTUAL - Easter Island Egg Hunt VULTRA

With Easter on the horizon and the UK in lockdown, we've decided to virtually 'whisk' you off to Easter Island for the month of March and a few days of April for a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt VULTRA.

The Easter Island Egg Hunt VULTRA ® will start on Monday 1st March 2021 at 12.00am (UK Time) and the event will officially end on Easter Monday 5th April 2021 at midnight, some 36 days later.

The exciting bit :

As with all our VULTRAS - you'll get a sequential BIB when you sign up. There will be a route map and central results and progress landing page on the 'VULTRA' Phoenix Running website, and each competitor will have their own virtual location pin (complete with their name and BIB number for tracking your virtual progress) and you can even have your profile picture appear. Once you start your virtual run you'll submit your mileage as you go, which, once approved, will automatically move you around the map.

But where are we running this Easter?
Easter Island, of course! The route is a 105 mile lap which takes us all around the famous sights of the Island located off the coast of Chile in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean. You don't have to run 105 miles though to take part - you can run / walk / crawl a little bit around it, or as many times around it as you like in the 36 days. Anyone completing any run of 1 mile of more epic Easter-buckle, to be sent out at the end of day 36. But why not keep going and see how far around the island you can get or how many loops you can do and here's why!

But where will the route take us and what are we doing there?
Well, I'm glad you asked because the start point is at the stone village of Orongo near Ranu Kayo, one of the 3 crater lakes on the island. From there we'll be virtually travelling the streets of Hanga Roa before heading out to explore every last nook and cranny of the island looking for virtual Easter eggs. We will, of course, be virtually visiting all the best sights including the famous stone statues at Ahu Tongariki with its beautiful sea and sunset views before heading back around the south side of the island to finish our lap on the south east side of Rany Kayo. There will be 21 virtual Easter eggs to collect on each lap and we'll have an 'Easter Egg' counter on the results pages and some eggy prizes up for grabs throughout the month.

A you can see the 'Easter Island Egg Hunt VULTRA' has something for everyone; from seasoned egg hunting ultra runners to those who are new to running and want to try something awesome. Oh and there's an epic buckle that you really, really need in your collection as a memento of these very strange times and who knows who you might meet virtually out there in the middle of the south pacific ocean.

And we may have an extra surprise for you on this one.

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