VIRTUAL - Key to Africa VULTRA

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VIRTUAL - Key to Africa VULTRA

Fancy something completely different, then how about joining us for our next series of epic VULTRA running events that take you around the world VIRTUALLY continent by continent.

Then look no further than the 'Key to Africa VULTRA' brought to you by Phoenix Running. The Key to Africa VULTRA is a standalone Virtual running event, but also forms part of our next VULTRA Six Series. This is a series of six continental stages that enable you to travel the globe completing each continent as you go; from Africa, Europe and Asia to North America, South America and Australia. Each VULTRA is just over 100 miles and you have up to 2 months to complete each virtual event. Complete all six and you'll received the 'Key to Antarctica' medal free to complete the set of seven medals.

The Key to Africa VULTRA will start in the Moori River Country Club in South Africa where we'll run south east soon picking up the world famous Comrades Ultra Marathon route from the Oval Cricket Ground in Pietermaritzburg down to City Hall in Durban before finishing along the coast on the beautiful beaches at Umhlanga.

The route is 106 miles and if this were an actual footrace then I'd take a bet it would one of the most amazing 100+ milers on the planet.

The 'Key to Africa VULTRA' has something for everyone; from seasoned ultra runners to those who are new to running and want to try something awesome. Oh and of course, there will be the epic bling - obviously!

There are six ways we suggest you could go about completing your VULTRA;

  • The Key to Africa Vultra Continuous - all in one go
  • The Key to Africa 48 Hour - 2 days
  • The Key to Africa Week Long - 7 days
  • The Key to Africa Fortnight Long - 14 days
  • The Key to Africa Month Long - 30 days
  • The Key to Africa Two Months Long - 61 days

The event will officially start on Monday 1st August 2022 from 12.00am (UK time) - there will be a Facebook race brief in the chat groups at 8.45am for a more civilised suggested start time of 09.00am (UK time) . The event will then run through August 2022 and September 2022 and entry will remain open right through until late Sept. You can choose when you actually start (anytime after August 1st) and you ultimately have until Sept 30th 2022 to complete your virtual run, but make sure you leave enough time to finish, depending on your entry type.

The exciting bit :

You'll get a bespoke, sequential BIB when you sign up. There will be a route map and central results and progress landing page on the 'VULTRA' Phoenix Running website, and each competitor will have their own virtual location pin (complete with your name and BIB number for tracking your virtual progress) and you can even have your profile picture appear. Once you start your virtual run you'll submit your mileage as you go which, once approved, will automatically move you along the map. So, if you're doing the 'Week Long' option and go out and run 20 miles on day one, then you'll move 20 miles along our trails. Once you've submitted enough mileage to get to the finish then you are an official finisher of the Key to Africa VULTRA! Your total miles and total time will be added to the finisher results, you'll show as 'COMPLETE' and you can download your finishers' certificate and we'll automatically send you your epic bling!

This is a challenge for literally anyone of any running ability. If you're new to running, fancy something a bit different, or fancy your first foray into multi-day endurance challenges, want to practice running consistent distances over consecutive days, or just want to see how many miles you can run in a week, then this is for you. And, if you're a seasoned ultra runner, then we'd love to have you aboard to see if you can cover the distance all in one go.

The Key to Africa VULTRA is also event #1 in our latest VULTRA-Six Series.

To sign-up and log in to your very own Phoenix WORLD account click here and follow the simple sign-up process. You only sign up once and then you can log in to your Phoenix WORLD to submit virtual results, see what future events you've entered in the crystal ball, manage your details and much, much more.

We provide a physical running service and by entering our events you are purchasing an actual run, either by attending our events or by running the event virtually yourself. All participants in our events, both attended and virtual, will receive a free giveaway medal / memento from your run.