VIRTUAL - Lockdown VULTRA - 28 Days Later

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VIRTUAL - Lockdown VULTRA - 28 Days Later

Welcome to something really quite special and something to keep us all running right through the latest 4 week UK lockdown, although, of course, you can take part from anywhere in the world. Welcome to the Lockdown VULTRA - 28 Days Later - Limited Edition and this time the bling is a coveted belt BUCKLE.

The Lockdown VULTRA is a complete 'one off' and will start on Thursday 5th November at 12.00am (UK Time), the day the UK officially goes into its second national lockdown. The event will officially end on Wednesday 2nd December at midnight, some 28 days later when we come out of lockdown (we hope).

The exciting bit :

As with all our VULTRAS - you'll get a sequential BIB when you sign up. There will be a route map and central results and progress landing page on the 'VULTRA' Phoenix Running website, and each competitor will have their own virtual location pin (complete with their name and BIB number for tracking your virtual progress) and you can even have your profile picture appear. Once you start your virtual run you'll submit your mileage as you go, which, once approved, will automatically move you around the map.

But where are we running during lockdown?
The route is a 13.1 mile loop around central London and it's not just any 13.1 mile loop - oh no! You can run / walk / crawl a little bit around it, or as many times around it as you like in the 28 days. Anyone completing one lap (13.1 miles or a half marathon) in the 28 days will earn the buckle, to be sent out at the end of day 28. But why not keep going and see how many lops you can do and here's why......

But where are we going and what are we doing?
Well, I'm glad you asked because the start point is at a well known supermarket in Covent Garden beginning with the letter 'T' and from there we're going to run around the streets of London, from supermarket to supermarket, collecting toilet roll and Paracetamol as we go in one big 13.1 mile 'panic-running' loop. The further you run the more supermarkets beginning with the letter 'T' you'll visit - these will be marked by toilet roll checkpoint icons. And, of course the more miles you do, the more toilet roll you can VIRTUALLY stock pile. You are one VULTRA runner that won't get caught short on the run! We'll come up with some sort of points system for visiting supermarkets and collecting loo roll !

When you sign up you'll be asked to select from one of the following options, really just so you can set your own goal, but in reality you can run as little or as much as you like. You WILL not be held to these distances, you can basically do what the hell you like.

There are 6 meaningless entry options;

  • 13.1 miles - just give me the damn buckle
  • 26.2 miles - because I run marathons, duh, obvs
  • 52.4 miles - 4 loops for a 50 miler
  • 78.6 miles - 6 loops just because
  • 104.8 miles - 8 loops for a 100 miler
  • 117.9 miles or more - 9 loops + show me the bog roll baby!
A you can see the 'Lockdown VULTRA' has something for everyone; from seasoned ultra runners to those who are new to running and want to try something awesome. Oh and there's a belt buckle, did you see that bit a belt buckle!

So let's stay motivated right through lockdown and keep on running - no retreat, no surrender! They can try and take our liberty but they'll never take our toilet roll!

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