VIRTUAL - NOT the London Marathon Run AGAIN

  • £19.99

VIRTUAL - NOT the London Marathon Run AGAIN

It's VIRTUALLY NOT the LONDON Marathon again!.

Our first Not the London Marathon Virtual run was very popular with its classic medal presented in antique silver, so we thought we'd offer an alternative event again and this time the medal will presented in a classic antique brass.

Phoenix VIRTUAL Running are doing our bit to keep you running by launching our NOT the London Marathon - AGAIN!

Although we are, of course, suggesting that you run with us on Sunday 4th October, you can, in fact, complete this run at anytime, anywhere. And any distance from 1 mile up will count.

We've always done our virtual runs using the trust model. Normally, once you enter we'll send your medal straight away, but these medals aren't here yet (time of writing 05/08/20). However, the minute we have them, they'll be on their way to you (with a little extra stowaway on board as a treat) so that you have your medal prior to your run on Sunday 4th October and ready for you at your very own virtual finish line.

Then, it's back to our chat groups to compare selfies over some VIRTUAL cake.

Stay safe and keep running and THANK YOU to everyone for supporting us!

To sign-up and log in to your very own Phoenix WORLD account click here and follow the simple sign-up process. You only sign up once and then you can log in to your Phoenix WORLD to submit virtual results, see what future events you've entered in the crystal ball, manage your details and much, much more.

We provide a physical running service and by entering our events you are purchasing an actual run, either by attending our events or by running the event virtually yourself. All participants in our events, both attended and virtual, will receive a free giveaway medal / memento from your run.