VIRTUAL - Prison Break Escape Challenge - Guards vs Prisoners

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VIRTUAL - Prison Break Escape Challenge - Guards vs Prisoners

And now for something completely different and awesomely fun and the next event in our epic escape series, over the weekend of 28th / 29th November 2020.

So, who doesn't like a good old fashioned game of chase then? Phoenix Virtual Running is inviting you to the next event in our virtual escape challenge series.

The concept is simple enough - when you sign up you'll be randomly allocated 'Prison Guard or Escaped Prisoner' status with a Virtual BIB to match.

Then at midnight on Friday 27th November the challenge begins and you have 48 hours, to run, walk, crawl, roll, hop, and stumble as far as you can before the clock stops at midnight exactly 48 hours later on Nov 29th. You can start anytime you like after the challenge clock starts ticking (you don't have to start at midnight) and run anytime, anywhere and as many times as you like within the 48 hour timeframe, and any single run of 1 mile or more can be logged. You do not have to run for 48 hours straight unless you really, really want to.

It's Prison Guards vs. their Escaped Prisoners, husbands vs. wives, friends vs. friends, runner vs. runner...... every, single mile you run in the 48 hours counts towards either the Guards total or the Prisoners total..... There will be the usual 'Phoenix Landing' page on the website that keeps track of the team and individual totals, so we can literally see which team is leading the way.....

Will the Guards catch their prey or will the Prisoners evade capture and escape to freedom.

Oh and the medal - well, of course, it will be epic! This time its half a pair of handcuffs, and depending on which team you're on and who clocks the most miles you could be wearing them!

And look out for our 'Cops n Robbers' Escape Challenge coming next, when you can earn the other half of the handcuffs and clip them together to make a set.

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