VIRTUAL - Skull Runner

  • £32.99

VIRTUAL - Skull Runner

Phoenix VIRTUAL Running is inviting you to join us for a truly spooky Skull run, ideally on Halloween, although you can run this virtual event any time, any place and any distance from 1 mile and up will count.

The medal is simply epic and something we've (OK, I've) been wanting to do for a long, long time - think BIG, think CHROME, think SKULL. And then think Phoenix VIRTUAL BLING!

To submit your VIRTUAL results when you've completed your run, please sign-up and log in to your very own Phoenix WORLD account. You only signup once and then you can log in to your Phoenix WORLD to submit virtual results, see what future events you've entered in the crystal ball, manage your details and much, much more. Click here and follow the simple sign-up process.

We provide a physical running service and by entering our events you are purchasing an actual run, either by attending our events or by running the event virtually yourself. All participants in our events, both attended and virtual, will receive a free giveaway medal / memento from your run.