Well Wishes Wall

Sarah Marshall will be celebrating achieving 250 Marathons
at Pop-Up Evening EXPLORER on 28/05/2022

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You really and truly are an inspiration, Sarah! Not only are you nimble on your feet - you run with a smile on your face every single race! The world needs more runners like you!
Congratulations on achieving this milestone! Lotsa love, Nicole xx

Nicole Magg | 10/05/2022


Emil Eftimov | 05/05/2022

What an awesome achievement.
You amazing and lovely lady. xxx

Kerry Shevlan | 30/04/2022

Congratulations Princess Sarah on running your 250th marathon -Awesome journey- lots of love kind wishes -Dave Smurfy H xx

David Heal | 29/04/2022

Congratulations XXX.

Steve Ryatt | 27/04/2022

Simply awesome Sarah !

Nigel Evans | 25/04/2022

Sarah have a fantastic day and enjoy every minute 250 is amazeballs
Teresa Greenhalgh

Teresa Greenhalgh | 24/04/2022

Massive congratulations Sarah, have a great day

Steve Harlowe | 20/04/2022

Congratulations on your 250th Marathon Sarah. Your very first (ultra) seems like only yesterday and just think of how much you've achieved in your running since then and always with a beaming smile! Huge well done - epic as always xx

Rik Vercoe | 20/04/2022