Well Wishes Wall

Ian Lawson will be celebrating achieving 99 Marathons
at Armistice 'Lest We Forget' 2022 on 11/11/2022

You too can send your well wishes by logging into Phoenix World

Congratulations on 99! Good luck with 100!

Gavin Meakings | 10/04/2022

Don't be a flake Ian..... Oh OK, THIS is the only time I will congratulate you on being just that.

Just one more.... you got this.

Vicky C xxx

Vicky Calver | 06/04/2022

Good luck! You've got this

Sophie Lenton | 15/02/2022

Huge congratulations on your 99th Marathon Ian. Really amazing running and now just one more to go for the big 100!

Rik Vercoe | 15/02/2022