Well Wishes Wall

Davie Stafford will be celebrating achieving 100 Marathons
at One Run to Rule Them All on 09/05/2021

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Good Luck Dave for your 100th marathon!
Can't wait to see you in the 100 Marathon Club shirt!
Happy Running
Mrs. H x

Apryl Hammett | 11/04/2021

Wishing you all the very best as you approach this incredible milestone

Ian Collier | 09/04/2021

What a HUGE achievement Davie - Massive congratulations and have a fantastic day

Kathy Miller | 07/04/2021

So exciting that this is actually happening......Have a wonderful day....... I suppose with the change in theme we will have to bring our own Freddos You always make it look so easy..... xx Annabel

Annabel Crichton | 07/04/2021

Great work Davie. No mean feat and an awesome achievement. Congratulations. Xx

Louise Vercoe | 26/03/2021

Can''t wait to see you put on the vest. It''s been a long road but you got there in the end.

Cathy Holroyd | 26/03/2021

Have a fantastic day celebrating your 100th marathon. It''ll be worth it once you put ''the vest'' on - it makes the blood, sweat and tears pale into insignificance! Lynda ''punkRunner'' xxx

Lynda Copson | 26/03/2021

Congratulations on your 100th Marathon! You're awesome.

George Kavourinos | 25/03/2021

Congratulations on reaching 100! Your path to 100 has been filled with some great times especially as you have often been running for two! Amazing work :)

Gavin Meakings | 24/03/2021

Congratulations on your 100th marathon Davie! It's been a while coming due to the lockdowns but you're going to get there in the end buddy! Its going to be epic seeing you cross that finish line for the 100th time! Good Luck and we'll see you on 2nd May 2021

Rik Vercoe | 24/03/2021