Well Wishes Wall

Donna Greenslade will be celebrating achieving 100 Half Marathons
at Winter Runderland 2023 on 30/12/2023

You too can send your well wishes by logging into Phoenix World

Congratulations Donna an amazing, hard earned achievement to be celebrated

Brian O'Kane | 27/11/2023

WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO fantastic achievement lovely lady. Looking forward to celebrating with you on the 30th. December xx

Babs O'Kane | 23/11/2023

Super proud of you Donna. Huge congratulations. So sorry I can't be there to help you celebrate xxxx

Vicky Calver | 20/11/2023

Woop Woop!!
Congratulations. Brilliant running and you've shown a huge amount of grit and determination.
Keep on running!
Alice xx

Alice Robinson | 19/06/2023