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Icebird / Firebird Series 2018

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PHOENIX Icebird Series 2018 (Thames Path, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey)

We have an exciting Announcement re our Firebird (or should I say ICEBIRD) flagship marathon series for 2018.

Its official folks – the all new ICEBIRD medal, sister of the Firebird, is in full flight, heading our way and will be on offer for those completing our 4-marathon series in 2018.

The Firebird / Icebird is our flagship marathon series, from which the Phoenix was born and in 2018 we’re going to mix things up by giving you a chance to get your hands on a whole new 320mm wide mega-medal.

Once again we’ve ‘frozen’ our prices for 2018, so that each marathon stays at £30.40 (affiliated). These can all be entered individually; however to guarantee the mega-medal advanced entry to all 4 events is the way to go.

So what about all those of you who have already entered the Firebird / Icebird 2018 series?

Well, we’ll give you a choice, of course – you can have a Firebird or an Icebird…..


Marathon 1 – Saturday 3rd March -9am (TRA Permit 1269 / 18)

Marathon 2 – Saturday 4th August -9am (TRA Permit 1270 / 18)

Marathon 3 – Sunday 18th November -9am (TRA Permit 1271 / 18)

Marathon 4 – Friday 28th December -9am (TRA Permit 1272 / 18)

TRA Permits granted (permit numbers above) and 100 Marathon Club Approved

Race Director:      Rik Vercoe   Mobile:   07949 273732


Our 2018 ‘Icebird’ Marathon Race Series is now open for advanced entries. Back in 2016 we defined a new category of ‘MEGA’ medal for this series and the Phoenix FIREBIRD medal was born.  This ‘king of medals’ is 320mm wide, 160mm tall, 5mm thick and weighs in at almost a kilo…… It’s the biggest medal in the world and is designed so that 3 of our classic 80mm medals hang below so you’ll complete the set.  That’s bigger than two CD’s side-by-side!

And now the ICEBIRD has arrived!!!

This is advanced entry for runners who want to complete all 4 of our Icebird marathon races for 2018. Entry includes the MEGA-Icebird medal for those who make it – to be presented at the end of the December Race.  MEGA-Icebird Medal to finishers of all 4 Marathons as well as medals for each of the first three races.

Please find below a summary of the race information for the Icebird Marathon Series 2018.

If you have run with us before, please do still have a read through and familiarise yourself with the points below as these will cover off any questions you may have;

REGISTRATION – Opens at 7.45am


Waterside Drive



KT12 2JG

RACE Numbers

All race numbers will be given out at registration on the day from the Leisure Centre. Race numbers must be displayed clearly on the front of your apparel at all times during the event.


09.00am – we do not do early starts I’m afraid.

There will be a mandatory race brief 15 minutes before the start time.

PARKING – for your sat navigation, use KT12 2JG

There is limited parking (about 30 spaces) behind the Xcel Leisure Centre within a few 100 meters of the race start. There is ample parking both in the leisure centre car park and on both sides of Waterside Drive, before the mini roundabout.

Please, please DO NOT park in the small Weir Hotel (pub) car park as it is reserved for hotel residents only. This is a strict stipulation from the landlords and I’m keen that we can come back.  There will be a yellow ‘no parking’ sign, so please don’t park beyond it.


The Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Centre has very kindly offered to open their doors to us from 7.45am and give us use of their facilities. The cafe will be open from around 8.00am, so if like me, you need a morning coffee to kick start thing then make sure to grab a coffee or tea here.


Start Area – There are toilets in the Leisure Centre which will be open for our use as well as showers for afterwards – if you show your race number you can shower for £1 (it is usually £5).  There is then a short walk to the start line (approx. 3 minutes)

Turnaround Point – There are good public toilets (signed) about 50 meters before the turnaround point water station at the far end of the towpath (so 5.3km from the start) by the Molesey Lock.  This is right next to the run route.

There are further toilets 1 km before the turnaround point (so 4.3km from the start) located at the ‘Thyme on the River’ Café at Molesey cricket club, also right near the run route. These are in the cricket club itself behind the café.

We’ll have a tent at the start, which will be carefully positioned to be in our view at all times, where you can leave baggage or extra clothes at your own risk. I would strongly urge you not to leave any valuables.

There are first aid kits at both ends of the route at the aid stations.

RACE HQ – Start & Finish Area & Aid Station

Race headquarters, also known as ‘the tuck shop’ will be near the Weir Pub on the Thames towpath, where there will be a well stocked aid station with lots of water (both in 150ml cups and 500ml bottles) and chocolate, sweets and general fun. If you want you can leave your own drinks and supplies here too (please label them).  You will never be more than 3.3 miles from the race HQ as you run, (as long as you stay on the correct route that is; see route description below).  There is a second aid station, equally well stocked, at the turnaround point 3.3 miles from race HQ, so you will never be more than 1.65 miles from an aid station and chocolate Freddos.


We will be watching the forecast closely, but let’s face it we live in the UK so anything could happen.

We will update you on the weather forecast in the week before the event.

Please note that the towpath is a public right of way, so I would ask that you give due consideration to all other users. In particular, take extra care at the start / finish area, where there is a 100 meter section of towpath which is occasionally access by vehicles, please be vigilant.  As the route is an ‘out and back’ you will be passing other runners coming in the opposite direction, so please give care and attention to this and have a safe run.  Use the opportunity to hurl encouragement, amongst other things, at your fellow runners.  Personally, I’ve found that every single time I wish another runner well I run just a tiny bit faster myself!

All runners begin with the River Thames on their left hand side and run through Sunbury Lock where the lock gates should be opened for the start. Navigation is about as easy as it can get – just follow the river!  There is a short, 200m section near the start, which is the only time the river is not completely visible.  If you can’t see the river, then somehow you are lost. Retrace your steps until you can see the river and you’re found.

At 5.3km or 3.3 miles runners will reach the turning point at the Molesey Lock Cafe, postcode KT8 9AF where a water station and good public toilet facilities are located.  There will be a yellow sign and bollard – please go all the way to the bollard before turning back on each lap.  This time the aid station will be manned by Neil Jones (as always) and other volunteers who many of you know.  At the start area we’ll have other very familiar faces too and you’ll be in safe hands with our marshals.  Don’t forget they have volunteered and have given up their time to support you, so please give them a smile as you blast past.

The overall course has no elevation gain / drop making this a flat and fast route.


In the event of a medical emergency call the emergency services on 999 AND contact the Race Director, Rik Vercoe, directly on 07949 273732 AND always pass a message onto the next available runner (in case you do not have a mobile phone, this step is particularly important as the message is then relayed back to Race HQ).  If you are that next available runner, come directly to race HQ and inform the Race Director or one of the Marshals.

Whilst it is not compulsory to carry a mobile phone during this event we do highly recommend it. Regardless, please program this mobile number into your phone – not later, do it right now!

Race Director:               Rik Vercoe

Mobile:                               07949 273732


FIRST AID & Medical

A first aid kit is located at the race HQ and a second kit at the Molesey Lock Cafe Aid Station

A Medical, Emergency and Ambulance Evacuation Plan is located at Race HQ in a red waterproof folder.

Foil blankets are kept at Race HQ & the Aid Station for both emergency purposes and can be requested at any time.


Our races are generally small and designed to be low key and FUN!

We hope you have a great day out with us and we look forward to welcoming you!!

PHOENIX Running Ltd

For our full terms & conditions, we ask all participants to go to and familiarise yourself with our T&C’s and general race rules.

Route Map (click to enlarge):

Marathon & Half Events Route Map Final

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