100th Celebrations

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100th Celebrations

We’ve been very fortunate over the years to have had lots and lots of folks choose Phoenix Running to host their 100th celebrations. As a bit of a thank you from us, and, because such an epic milestone demands an epic reward, in 2021 we introduced our 100th HALF Marathon & 100th Marathon Phoenix Running Batons. These are an authentic running trophy that you’ll be presented with when you choose to run & celebrate your 100th HALF Marathon or 100th Marathon with us. And yes – if you’ve already chosen to share your 100th HALF Marathon or 100th Marathon with Phoenix Running, at any point in the past, then you can have one too (if you’d like one, of course) because these are just awesome and you’ve already earned yours! And, as if that wasn't cool enough, if you run your 100th or any other hundredth 00's milestone event with us, such as 200th, 300th and so on, then your entry to the event is FREE!

100th Half Marathon & 100th Marathon Relay Batons

The story behind these – well, firstly, we’ve long wanted to do something even more ‘special’ for those who choose to celebrate their big day(s) with us. These wonderful accolades signify the on-going ‘relay’ of those who run 100 HALF Marathons and/or 100 Marathons. We thought, what better symbol than an actual running baton; each person coming through the 100 milestone and then metaphorically speaking passing the baton to the next person on their journey to 100. And, in true Phoenix style, these are not just any old running batons either – we’ve gone with competition grade, Olympic-standard, lightweight anodised batons, simply because it makes them totally authentic – you could win the 100m relay gold with one of these, if you and some friends run fast enough. Then to complete the ‘Phoenix 100 baton’ there is a custom made Perspex stand. The batons are sourced in Germany, the laser engraving done in Scotland, and the stands custom made in England and it’s the blue 100 Marathon Club colours for Marathon and the orange 100 HALF Marathon Club colours for HALF marathon.

100 Half Marathon baton

100 Marathon baton

100th Presentations

Anyone who completes their 100th celebration with us will be presented with one of these on the day of their 100th HALF Marathon or 100th Marathon. For anyone who has already completed their 100th with us, we have enough for every, single, one of you. We have a master list of every 100th Marathon and 100th HALF Marathon presentation that we’ve ever done. The plan is to take a trip down memory lane and add a couple of photos, a video where possible and a small write-up on each and every celebration on the website page below. We’ll aim to add new presentation summaries as they happen and historical ones as we retrospectively give out these awards. To get your baton retrospectively you’ll have to claim your 100th trophy (I.E we won’t proactively chase you) and you’ll have to come and physically pick them up from an event (unless you’ve moved abroad) as the stands don’t post at all well, so we won’t be sending any out. This will, of course, give us a chance to get some photos and expand this special section of 100th presentations on our website.