Phoenix Wings

Introducing our unique loyalty ‘Shoe Bling’

Team Phoenix

There are some things you just can't buy; some things have to be earned, the hard way, with blood, sweat, tears and fun ... AND ... our Phoenix Wings are not only for runners and VIRTUAL runners, but also for our Marshals – see our 'special edition' wings below.

What are Phoenix Wings?

PHOENIX wings are a completely new concept in what we’re calling our ‘shoe bling’. Simply slip your trainer laces through the specially designed holes and adorn your running shoes with their very own ‘running bling’.

But, dare we say it – PHOENIX wings are more than just bling - these are not just our usual, epic, in-your-face, outrageously awesome medals – these are subtle symbols of your accomplishments. Wear them on your running shoes with pride, knowing that most people won’t even notice them and those that do are the ones that really know....

How do you earn your PHOENIX Wings?

Just keep on running with us and when you’ve done 10 attended events (of any distance) then the very next time we see you we’ll give you your ‘Bronze Wings’. The more events you do the more sets of wings you earn......

  • 10 events for Bronze Wings
  • 25 events for Silver Wings
  • 50 events for Gold Wings
  • 100 events for Black Graphite Wings
  • 250 events for White Gold Wings

And – did we mention that we’ve added a recessed 15mm magnet to the back so if you don’t want them on your shoes, they’re also a handy fridge magnet.

So how does it all work then?

We know exactly how many events and how many miles you’ve done with us, so just keep on running with us and you’ll earn your wings! As soon as you finish a qualifying event your wings will be waiting for you at the finish line.

And remember - these can’t be bought, only earned. A gift from us to you for being awesome!

What counts as an event?

It’s pretty straight forward – if you appear in the results then you completed an event with us.

Yes, it does need to be PHOENIX event.

Wings are earned on event volume, I.E the number of PHOENIX events you complete – not the mileage or distance you do at each event. If you run 5km in one of our timed events and then complete 40km in another, these each count as one event.

What if I DNF an event?

If you DNF it doesn’t count.

For example -If you are running one of our marathon distance only events and you don’t finish the whole distance then this wont' count.

It's pretty tough to DNF one of our timed events – although it is possible if you drop out without completing the first lap and under this circumstance that event wouldn’t count.

And how do I get them when I’ve done the running bit?

We’ll simply give them to you – we know exactly how much running you’ve done with us! They will be waiting for you when you finish.


And there are VIRTUAL wings too. Simply complete your virtual runs, submit your evidence and as you build up your virtual runs with us, so you’ll earn VIRTUAL wings too.

  • 10 events for Green Wings
  • 25 events for Orange Wings
  • 50 events for Blue Wings
  • 100 events for Red Wings

Introducing our ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ Phoenix Wings

We also have Phoenix Wings to reward our awesome marshals, those who selflessly volunteer and give up their time to support our events.

These are not volume based – you only have to marshal once to earn your day or night marshal wings!

And just to top things off we have 100 Marathon Wings for those who choose to celebrate their 100th Marathon with us and glow-in-the-dark wings for those who complete their 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks or 100 Marathons in 100 Weeks Global Marathon Challenge ( with us.

Note: you only have to run the final event in your Global Marathon Challenge to qualify for the glow in the dark wings.