Phoenix Streakers

Phoenix Streakers

From 1st January 2024 we’ve added yet another layer to our runner loyalty program by introducing the ‘PHOENIX Streaker’. As soon as you run with us in 2024 your ‘streak’ will begin and you can easily see your live streak data in your Athletes Profile or in the far right-hand column on our ‘Phoenix Family’ webpage - (where you can sort into streak order), or in your own Phoenix World.

What is a PHOENIX Streaker?

PHOENIX Streaking in its simplest form is the number of consecutive Phoenix Running events that you attend without missing one. It’s that simple.

The streak data is fully built into our system so that all streaks shown are live. So, for example, if your streak data shows 7, then you’ve attended the last 7 consecutive Phoenix Running events without missing an event for that period. If you then miss an event, your streak will reset to ‘0’, and your streak begins again.

Is there more than one type of PHOENIX Streaker?

There are two categories of PHOENIX Streaker;

The MASTER Streaker - Includes ALL Phoenix Running events – the MASTER Streaker is a true continuous, unbroken streaker including weekends, weekdays and multiday events.

The WEEKEND Streaker - Includes ALL Phoenix Running events held at weekends (I.E Saturdays & Sundays) – we recognise that some folks simply can’t run on a week day or commit to multiday events, like our 10in10 or 12in12. The WEEKEND Streaker still loves a good Phoenix streak – simply at weekends.

What are the benefits of PHOENIX Streaking?

We love the fact that lots of runners choose to run with us so regularly and we unashamedly would love for you to run with us all the time. I mean, where else would you rather be? And, as we have lots of events to choose from, well, we want you to choose them all. So, if you do keep coming back to run with us, event after event, then we think we should reward you with our very own PHOENIX Streaker merchandise.

In 2024 we’re starting off with a PHOENIX Streaker custom made, sublimated tech t-shirt. This will be followed by a whole line of other Streaker merch so that it’s always worth keeping that streak going as long as you possibly can. Streak long and streak hard Phoenix Runners!

PHOENIX Streaker Tech T-Shirt – Design 1

PHOENIX Streaker Tech T-Shirt – Design 2

So how does it all work then?

On the 1st January 2024 we’ll re-set everyone’s streak to zero ‘0’.

Then it’s pretty simple really – just keep coming to consecutive Phoenix events and build up your Master Streak and your Weekend Streak. When you reach a Master Streak of 16 or a Weekend Streak of 12, you’ve earned your 2024 Phoenix Streaker t-shirt – boom! But don’t stop there – as the year progresses we’ll be adding more and more streaker merch, from caps, to mugs, to buffs and a whole range of running clothing to keep you streaking!

There will also be end of year prizes for the longest streakers in a variety of categories in 2024.

Who are the biggest Streakers of all time?

On the 1st January 2024 we’ll re-set everyone’s streak to zero ‘0’.

Whilst we’re starting fresh with everyone on zero ‘0’ from 1st January 2024 we thought you might like to see the Top 20 ALL time Master Streakers as at the end of 2023 – just so you know what’s possible.

Name Longest Master Streak
John Kew 134
Sean Jordan 49
Yvonne Meaney 41
Annabel Crichton 31
Kerrilee Barrett 25
Terry Poole 24
Dominicus Bhattacharyya 24
Gavin Meakings 22
Nick Nicholson 22
Vicky Burr 22
Alice Robinson 22
Mick Thomas 21
Neil Williams 21
Alison Jones 21
Amanda Ellis 20
Jonathan White 19
Sarah Marshall 19
David Brett 18
Dave Coombes 16
Victoria Butler 16

Let’s get Streaking!