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Groovy Baby 2017 – Final Info.

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Dear PHOENIX Groovy Runner,

Please find below a summary of the final instructions for the Groovy Baby, 6 hour timed event, on Sunday 2nd April 2017.

(Please note, we absolutely cannot make ANY changes to entries at this late stage)

This is a brand new venue and route for us so please  have a read through and familiarise yourself with the points below as these will cover off any questions you may have and should ensure things go well on the day.

REGISTRATION AREA – Opens at 8.15am

ASHLYNS SCHOOL, Berkhamsted – once inside the entrance follow the road left around to the rear of the school.

Chesham Road





RACE Numbers

All race numbers will be given out at registration on the day from the dining hall. Race numbers must be displayed clearly on the front of your apparel at all times during the event.


9.30am – this is a 6 hour timed event and we do not do early starts.

There will be a mandatory pre-run race brief 10 minutes before the start time just outside the registration area close to the start line.

PARKING – for your sat navigation, use HP4 3AH

This postcode will bring you to the main school entrance. Once inside the main gates follow the access road around to the left of the school buildings and to the rear of the school.  Drive all the way around, passing the first car park – we will have an event specific car park for our use in front of the sports centre.  All parking is FREE of charge.



Registration – This will be conducted in the dining hall, next to the car park.  Simply look for the blue door and the signs to ’Rush Judo’ and you’ll find the registration hall.  There will be teas and coffees available for a small fee which all goes to the school.

Toilets / Showers – There are good toilets facilities in the sports centre opposite which will be open for our use during registration and throughout the event.   The rear door of the sports centre, which is right on the run route, will be open to give easy access to the toilets.  There are hot showers available for afterwards which are also located in the sports centre adjacent to the start / finish area.

Baggage – We’ll have a tent at the start / finish area, which will be carefully positioned to be in our view at all times, where you can leave baggage or extra clothes at your own risk.  I would strongly urge you not to leave any valuables.

RACE HQ – Start & Finish Area & Aid Station

Start / Finish Area – Race headquarters, also known as ‘the tuck shop’ will be located behind the sports centre, close to the registration venue where there will be a well stocked aid station with lots of water (both in 7oz cups and 500ml bottles) and chocolate, sweets, crisps and general fun.  If you want you can leave your own drinks and supplies here too (please label and place them on the left side of the tables).  You will pass through this area on every lap; in fact you can get to us several times on each lap if you need to and will never be more than a mile from the race HQ as you run.

Race Timing – LAP RULES and Etiquette

This is a six-hour timed event.  The clock starts at 9.30am and runs out at 3.30pm.  You can complete as many or as few full laps in this time as you want.  You need to complete one lap to qualify for the finishers’ medal.  After each lap you will pass in front of the aid station, through the Race HQ and collect a coloured wrist band.  You MUST get a wrist band for every lap you complete.  When you finish running the wrist bands will be counted and verified to give you a final distance and time.  Please do not just leave without ensuring we have captured your finish time and counted your laps.

We reserve the right to ask you not to go out for another lap, towards the end of the 6 hour time limit.  This is only if there is no chance you will complete another full lap in the remaining time – please work with us on this – it’s for safety!

Complete 1 lap and you’re both a finisher and a winner in our eyes!

Complete 4 laps for a half marathon distance

Complete 8 laps for a full marathon distance, recognised by the 100 Marathon Club

Complete 9+ laps for an ultra marathon distance

When you no longer want to run you must RING THE BELL (an old 1920’s antique school-bell) which will be located at the race HQ.  This is the signal that you have finished.  At this point your distance and race time will be manually recorded, to be published in the results section on our website.  You will then be presented with your finisher’s medal.


At present the week leading up to the event looks initially dry but with some showers on the two days prior to the event. The route is mostly on grass school playing fields and its early April, so certainly first thing in the morning much of the grass will be wet and there will be some soggy sections.  Some areas could be slippery so please be aware of this.  On race day the forecast is showing as overcast and dry with some sun breaking through.  Temperature highs of 14 degrees are forecast, with a morning low of just 5 degrees, so please prepare for a cooler start and bring some warm clothes for both during and afterwards.

Either trail shoes or road shoes are suitable options, but you may prefer trail for running on grass.

The school grounds are private so we shouldn’t encounter members of the general public on the route itself, but there are a couple of areas where we cross the private access road around the perimeter of the school – specifically inside the main entrance where you will cross the access road twice on each lap. The school is not completely closed for our use only so there could be the occasional car using these areas so please take extra care and please be vigilant near this road.  As the route is an out and back, looped course you will be passing other runners coming in the opposite direction for most of the run, so please give care and attention to this and have a safe run.  Use the opportunity to hurl encouragement, amongst other things, at your fellow runners. Personally, I’ve found that every single time I wish another runner well I run just a tiny bit faster myself!

All runners begin in front of the aid station and, whilst navigation is fairly straightforward, the route does have a few twists and turns as it follows the school playing field perimeters. The route will be marked with various cones and tape to guide you.  Where you are running around the edges of the school fields please stick as near to the boundaries as you can unless directed otherwise.  Please run right to the corners and don’t cut these short – we want you to get as many miles for your money as possible!

The overall course has very little elevation gain or drop.


In the event of a medical emergency call the emergency services on 999 AND contact the Race Director, Rik Vercoe, directly on 07949 273732 AND always pass a message onto the next available runner (in case you do not have a mobile phone, this step is particularly important as the message is then relayed back to Race HQ).  If you are that next available runner, come directly to race HQ and inform the Race Director or one of the Marshals.

Whilst it is not compulsory to carry a mobile phone during this event we do highly recommend it. Regardless, please program my mobile number into your phone – not later, do it right now!

Race Director:    Rik Vercoe

Mobile:                    07949 273732


FIRST AID & Medical

A first aid kit is located at the race HQ.

A Medical, Emergency and Ambulance Evacuation Plan is located at Race HQ in a red waterproof folder.

Foil blankets are kept at Race HQ for both emergency purposes and can be requested at any time.


Our races are generally small and designed to be low key and FUN!

We hope you have a great day out with us and we look forward to welcoming you!!

PHOENIX Running Ltd

For our full terms & conditions, we ask all participants to go to and familiarise yourself with our T&C’s and general race rules.

Click on map to enlargeMaps - Ashlyns School Route Map V1.0 - Final 2017



















































































Original Event Information Below

It’s time to get all ‘Groovy Baby’ and head back to the 60’s and 70’s.

PHOENIX Running is inviting you to come and join us for a psychedelic run baby!

Please note – this event is NOT on the Thames towpath and is at a NEW LOCATION for us – the wonderful Ashlyns School in Berkhamspted (see address details below)

So swing on down baby and come find your Mojo with us! Fancy dress is, of course, the order of the day and you’ll definitely want to get your hands on one of our very special bespoke medals (the rumour is you can wear this one).

‘Groovy Baby’ is a 6 hour timed running event, from 5km to ultra marathon, you can complete as many, or as few laps as you like of a 3.28 mile, 5.3km looped course around the school grounds in the Ashlyns Estate.  We welcome all abilities of runner – complete one lap and you’re both a finisher and a winner in our eyes and you qualify for the bespoke finishers’ medal.  Or why not keep going and see how far you can get in the full 6 hours.


Places will be strictly limited so don’t leave it too late to enter.

This event is fully sanctioned by the 100 Marathon Club and for competitors completing 8 laps or more (26.2 miles+) this will count towards your numbers.

The overall course has no elevation gain / loss making this a flat and fast route. Registration opens from 8:15am

The postcode for your sat nav for parking is HP4 3AH

Entries close on 2nd April 2017, or before if maximum entry numbers are reached (this is highly likely). There is NO ‘on the day entry’.

Date Sunday, 02/04/2017
Time 09:30
Summary 6hrs timed event | Flat | Trail
Max 150
Close 02/04/2017
Entry Link
Location Ashlyns School, Chesham Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3AHMaps - Ashlyns School Route Map V1.0 - Final 2017

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