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PHOENIX – 12 Marathons in 12 Months- MEDAL & Certificate

Please note – This is a medal & certificate order (not a specific event) and it is for those who have completed 12 marathons within a 12 month period of time, or less.

Are you a 12 in 12’er……?

It’s a fantastic milestone – 12 marathons in 12 months (that’s one a month for a whole year!) – and we think it should be celebrated with a suitably awesome medal so we’ve created the P12 – a two-tone burnt ember and antique silver medal of epic proportions. This is the first accolade in our set of multi-marathon awards.  See also our 52in52 and 100in100.

Have a look through the following FAQ’s so you know how it all works

So how does it work then?

Well, first you need to complete 12 marathons within a 12 month period – no small undertaking.

Does this have to be one marathon per calendar month or can I do it in less time?

So, strictly speaking, and to keep this in line with our 52in52 and 100in100, then as long as you do your 12 marathons ‘within’ 12 months, then you can do them in any month – I.E you could do 3 in one month and then none for a couple of months. Or you could do all 12 in one month and you’re done – I.E it’s got to be within a 12 month period or less…… and this can be any rolling 12 month period.

BUT – as this medal is very much aimed at those embarking on their multi-marathon journeys we do think it would be fun to set yourself the challenge on one in each calendar month for a year, but it is, of course, up to you.

And how do I get one when I’ve done the running bit?

All you need to do is order your medal and personalised certificate on our event entry system

You can do this in advance if you know your 12th marathon in 12 months is coming up so that we can give it to you in time for that event, or just wait till you’ve done the full 12.

We will be trying to avoid posting the medals out where possible because A) they are too awesome to risk getting lost in the post and B) we unashamedly want you to come to a Phoenix event to pick it up or better still – complete your 12th at a Phoenix event and we’ll present you with the P12

But can you post me one, please?

Oh, go on then, we realise that for some postage is the only option, so yes we can offer this, just indicate in the appropriate drop-down menu when you order.

I live abroad?

We also post abroad, including to the USA. All the postage is full tracked to the USA

Do I get anything else cool?

Yes – a framed certificate – it looks like this….

Gareth Allen Ember V1

Do I need to join anything or order it months in advance of when I actually want it?

No – order it online and if we see you the very next day we’ll give it to you – simple.   We can turn around postage in 24 / 48 hours.

Can I get one if I did my 12 in 12 a while ago?


Do I need to submit a list of my 12 marathons in 12 months and where do I send it?

Yes you do.

Please email your list to phoenixrunninguk@gmail.com and we’ll do the rest.  You’ll hear back from us pretty quickly and we’ll arrange to get you your medal and certificate.

Whilst we are not advocates of creating rules for the sake of rules, and then more rules to create exceptions to those rules, and then some extra rules to explain those rules, and then a couple more rules which even we don’t understand, this is a very serious undertaking, which should be respected and as such you have to do the running to get the bling…… which, of course, leads onto the 64 million dollar question…..

What counts as a marathon for P12 purposes and so what can I put on my list?

Simple – we’re using Marathon Club Ireland Rules.

We’re going to make this really easy and we’re definitely not going to try and reinvent the wheel, so we’re using the MCI (Marathon Club Ireland) set of rules for what counts as a marathon.

Why?  Because we think they are the simplest, most rounded, most robust set of rules out there and at the end of the day they are centred around completing a 26.2 mile distance – the marathon!

For a full set of those rules – check out the MCI page and scroll down to point 11 (also included in full below);


Summary – the key six rules are as follows:

  • Distance – its 26.2 miles or greater folks and the competitor must have competed the whole distance advertised.
  • Normally 10 starters and 5 finishers and normally with results available.
  • Only official events / races count (not training runs) – see full rules for ‘official’ definition.
  • Road or trail (especially Thames towpath) – any numbers of each is fine or all of one and none at all of the other.
  • The official event must be open to entry to the general public for at least 14 days before the event itself.
  • Staged races – if the individual stages are greater than 26.2 miles and have a separate set of results published for each distance then they count individually – doesn’t matter if you can’t enter the days separately – you still did a marathon.


Rules (in full) from the MCI site below;

Definition of races to count towards Club membership:-  11.1 Only races should be included. Training runs should not be included, whatever the distance run. Distance runs of a “non-competitive” nature, often undertaken for charitable purposes by one or two runners, should not be included. 11.2 Race definition: An official event open to all applicants (occasionally subject to entry limits or qualification restrictions), and advertised at least 14 days beforehand. Normally, but not always, competitive. Normally at least 10 starters and 5 finishers. Normally results available. 11.3 The runner must have completed the whole race entered and have run (jogged, walked) the whole course (unless misdirected by the organisers) for the race to count. For example, dropping out at the marathon distance in an ultra race can not be counted unless this was advertised beforehand as part of the race rules. The declared race distance counts (the runner is not penalised if the race distance appears to be short). However, a runner should not count a race he knows in advance to be short. 11.4 If a runner finishes a race outside a stated time limit the race should not count unless the race director is flexible in his interpretation of the rules and the runner is given a medal/certificate and/or appears in the result list. 11.5 Types of races which can be included for club membership Marathons: Races where the distance measured and stated by organisers is 26m 385y (26.2 miles) / 42.195 km (42.2 kilometres) on the road or, for trail marathons, accepting that exact measurement is not possible, rounded down i.e. 26m or 42km. Races less than marathon distance should not be included. Ultra Marathons: Road or trail races of distance longer than marathon. Stage Races: Races over several days with a set distance each day. One of the stages must be of marathon distance or longer for the race to count. If two or more stages are of marathon distance or longer and results are published for each stage, then each such stage may be counted separately. Examples: The Marathon Des Sables usually counts as two events as there is normally one ‘long day’ further than a marathon distance and a ‘marathon day’. A 100 mile race will count as one event only. The Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days challenge would count as 10 marathons. A 24 hour race would count as one event if more than 26 miles 385 yards have been completed. 11.6 If there is a dispute as to whether an event should count towards Club membership and statistics the Committee of the Club will arbitrate. The decision of the Committee is final.

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