Excalibur Three - Track Wars

Friday 01 March 2019

  • Friday 01 March 2019
  • 09:30
  • £37.95 (Affiliated)
  • £39.95 (UnAttached)

The SportsHUB Running Track, Waterside Drive, Walton on Thames, KT12 2JG

Excalibur Three - Track Wars

Here it is folks - our first 'Track' event and didn't you just know it was coming, what with that lovely brand new running track we've just had built in Walton on Thames! Track Wars is part of our 'Excalibur Run Series' which will be a series of up to twelve 'conquests' for you to complete across 2019. Each one is an awesome running event in its own right with its own awesome medal, so you can choose to complete one, two, three or perhaps all of them!

The 2019 Excalibur Three - Track Wars will be one of our 6 hour timed events specially modified for the running track. As with all our timed events you can complete as many or as few laps as you like and once you do one lap you're both a finisher and a winner in our eyes. The only real difference is that this time one lap is 400m on a running track!

We still expect many folks to come and run more traditional distances so here's how these translate;

  • It's 13 laps for 5.2km (meaning you complete at least 5km)
  • It's 25 laps for 10km (meaning you complete exactly 10km)
  • It's 53 laps for 21.2km (meaning you complete a half marathon)
  • It's 105.5 laps for 42.2km (meaning you complete a marathon)
  • It's 108 laps for 43.2km (meaning you complete an ultra marathon or 27 miles plus)

    NOTE: This event will have electronic chip timing so we can provide you with live updates as you run.

    And we may just have a little twist planned for you too!

    Not sure? Well the beauty of this format is that you don't even need to decide in advance - simply come and run a lap and see how you feel on the day and keep on going if it feels right. Minimum distance is 400m or as far as you can go in 6 hours.

    Places will be strictly limited so don't leave it too late to enter.