VIRTUAL - Christmas Advent VULTRA 2021

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VIRTUAL - Christmas Advent VULTRA 2021

Welcome to our Christmas extravaganza of Virtual running! Our very popular Christmas VULTRA is back; it's properly festive and fun and designed to keep us running right through December all the way to the big day. Our Christmas VULTRA will be literally filled with advent challenges and competitions, festive fun and frolics to get your baubles tingling with joy, and all culminating in a veritable Christmas crescendo with a 5k run on Christmas morning. All we need to do now is book the snow!

This year our Christmas Advent VULTRA bling is a massive medal fit for nut crackers, and, as if that wasn't enough, everyone who signs up to the VULTRA will also be sent an extra bit of 'Secret Santa' bling for your Christmas Day 5k. If you know someone who doesn't want to do the VULTRA but does want to do the Christmas Day 5k - then you can enter than event separately (see the virtual section of our website); what a Christmas bonus!

The Christmas Advent VULTRA will start on Wednesday 1st December at 12.00am (UK Time) - probably with what's become our customary 'midnight mile' (you don't have to run at midnight by the way). The event will then run for 25 days and officially end on Christmas Day on Saturday 25th December with a festive Christmas day run. You can run as little or as often as you like.

The exciting bit:

As with all our VULTRAS - you'll get a bespoke sequential BIB when you sign up. There will be a route map and central results and progress landing page on the 'VULTRA' Phoenix Running website, and each competitor will have their own virtual location pin (complete with their name and BIB number for tracking your virtual progress) and you can even have your profile picture appear. Once you start your virtual run you'll submit your mileage as you go, which, once approved, will automatically move you around the map.

We'll be back on our Christmas tree map too

The route is a 17 mile Christmas tree shaped lap around London and the Christmas Markets of Hyde Park and it's not just any 17 mile lap - oh no! You can run / walk / crawl a little bit around it, or as many times around it as you like in the 25 days and you can visit some of London's most luxurious shops for some 'virtual' Christmas shopping and enjoy the virtual atmosphere of the Christmas markets all around Hyde Park. Anyone completing just 1 single mile in the 25 days will earn the buckle, to be sent out in time for Christmas! You don't have to run every day, just as and when you like and any distance over 1 mile can be submitted. But why not see how many laps you can do and here's why......

So where exactly are we going and what exactly are we doing?

Well, I'm glad you asked because the start point is at a well known department store in Knightsbridge who's name begins with 'H' and from there we're going to run around the streets of London, from shop to shop doing our virtual Christmas shopping and through Hyde Park collecting Virtual Christmas Star Baubles (when you see the route map this will make more sense). The further you run the more festive dingly-dangly star baubles you'll collect for your virtual Christmas tree - these will be marked by star checkpoint icons - there are 17 on each Christmas tree loop and, of course the more miles you do the more your baubles will jingle all the way.

When you sign up you'll be asked to select from one of the following options, really just so you can set your own goal, but in reality you can run as little or as much as you like. You will NOT be held to these distances, you can basically do what the hell you like.

There are 6 frisky festive entry options;

  • 1 mile - just give me the damn medal!
  • 17 miles - 1 loop will do me
  • 34 miles - 2 loops because I run marathons, duh, obvs
  • 51 miles - 3 loops for a 50 miler
  • 102 miles - 6 loops for a 100 miler, I love baubles!
  • 119 miles or more - 7 loops; show me your baubles baby!
As you can see the 'Christmas Advent VULTRA' has something for everyone; from seasoned ultra runners to those who are new to running and want to try something awesome. Oh and there's the BLING - a beautiful advent calendar medal!

So let's keep running right on up to the big day - SANTA is coming!

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