VIRTUAL - God of Thunder

  • £42.99

VIRTUAL - God of Thunder

Meet 'Mjolnir', also known as Thor's Hammer! One of our flagship event medals just went virtual and we're only doing 50 medals as a virtual run, so be quick if you want one of these groundbreaking medals. We used no fewer than 6 moulds to make this medal, by far the most we've ever done - this medal is a super heavyweight - fit for a God!.

You can complete our virtual runs any time and any where you like and we recommend a distance of 1 mile and upwards.

Stay safe and keep running.

When you complete your run simply email your results to and we'll pick them up from that email box only. Please include the EVENT NAME in the email header so we know which event to post your results against.

We provide a physical running service and by entering our events you are purchasing an actual run, either by attending our events or by running the event virtually yourself. All participants in our events, both attended and virtual, will receive a free giveaway medal / memento from your run.