Well Wishes Wall

Paul Addicott will be celebrating achieving 100 Marathons
at Fun Bus - Paul's 100th Marathon on 19/02/2022

You too can send your well wishes by logging into Phoenix World

Amazing! You are amazing! What an achievement - I am in awe. Well done you.

Loraine Mosley | 30/11/2021

Fantastic achievement Paul - Nigel and Liz

Nigel Evans | 21/11/2021

Congratulations! Well done Paul.

Steve Ryatt | 15/11/2021

Congratulations on your 100th marathon Paul! What a journey. It was great to have you at our 11in11 and what epic 4-hour pacing ss. You've undoubtedly helped masses of folks to their sub 4 hour targets so now it's time for you to hit your own 100th Marathon Milestone!

Rik Vercoe | 11/11/2021