Well Wishes Wall

Davie Stafford will be celebrating achieving 99 Marathons
at VE Day 75th Anniversary Run on 03/05/2021

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Happy Flake Day!
From Mrs. H

Apryl Hammett | 11/04/2021

Sorry not to be around for no 99 but I am hoping to make 100. Such a huge achievement...... Annabel

Annabel Crichton | 07/04/2021

Good luck on your flake marathon, you have picked a nice flat route for it :) See you there!

Gavin Meakings | 28/03/2021

What took you so long See you there bud -)

Gareth Allen | 26/03/2021

Good luck for your 99th Marathon Davie! Its been awesome to have you run in lots of our events on your journey to 99 and 100! VE Day is going to be an epic event for your flake day!

Rik Vercoe | 26/03/2021