Well Wishes Wall

Caroline Williams will be celebrating achieving 100 Half Marathons
at Princess & the Runner on 07/08/2022

You too can send your well wishes by logging into Phoenix World

Well done on get to your goal. In joy your day

Mark Pysden | 12/05/2022

Congratulations XXX.

Steve Ryatt | 27/04/2022

Wonderful Achievement Caroline

Nigel Evans | 25/04/2022

Congratulations Caroline!!!

Ollie Dawson | 15/04/2022

Congratulations. I hope you have a lovely day x

Ruth Kavanagh | 09/04/2022

Well done Princess. Always a pleasure to bimble around together. You and Neil are both wonderful advocates for your wonderful club xx

Kathryn Donovan | 05/04/2022

Well done lovely. Enjoy your day.
Have a really great 100th. xx

Kerry Shevlan | 05/04/2022

So sad not to be with you physically on the day. Huge congratulations Girlfriend

Annabel Crichton | 05/04/2022

Absolutely amazing achievement, well done xx

Jo Gwynne | 04/04/2022

Can't wait to share your special day with you.

Cathy Holroyd | 04/04/2022


Sophie Lenton | 15/02/2022

Congratulations! Amazing achievement :)

Gavin Meakings | 11/02/2022

Huge congratulations Princess Caroline on your 100th HALF Marathon! You've been on a wonderful journey with both your Marathons and HALF Marathons and have achieved so much. It's going to be great to see you cross that 100th HALF Marathon finish line! Fabulous Princess!

Rik Vercoe | 24/01/2022