Well Wishes Wall

Heather Ayling will be celebrating achieving 50 Half Marathons
at Barb vs Ken Run on 16/12/2023

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Congratulations Heather Fantastic achievement

Brian O'Kane | 27/11/2023

Awesome achievement lovely lady. Massive well done. Look forward to sharing the tow path with you to celebrate this incredible milestone xxx

Babs O'Kane | 23/11/2023

Congratulations Heather!
You're absolutely amazing and I'm so happy that you've reached 50 Half Marathons!
Sorry I can't be there to support you.
Alice xx

Alice Robinson | 22/11/2023

Congrats Heather. Will be there to help you celebrate xx

Vicky Calver | 20/11/2023

Fantastic achievement Heather, congratulations x

Peter Monk | 17/11/2023

An amazing achievement Heather. I'll be there to cheer you on. X

Donna Greenslade | 12/11/2023