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Cathy Holroyd will be celebrating achieving 100 Marathons
at SG-100 - Cathy Holroyds 100th on 18/04/2021

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Won't be there on Sunday but will be sending you a huge cheer from a few miles down the river in Battersea!! Great achievement.

Rohan Kallicharan | 13/04/2021

Congratulations on the big 100 Cathy! Such an incredible achievement! Massive congratulations, welcome to the club, and can't wait to share many more runs with you! xx

Amy Lomax | 11/04/2021

All the best for your 100 Marathon What a fantastic achievement Have a fabulous day enjoy every minute of it. TIM

Timothy Kiddell | 11/04/2021

Hi Cathy what an incredible achievement. Enjoy your special day and I wish you all the very best., Ian

Ian Collier | 09/04/2021

Massive congratulations Cathy! That's such a HUGE achievement. Have a fantastic day x

Kathy Miller | 07/04/2021

Can't wait for the day.... its been a long time coming..... and OMG that medal xx CONGRATULATIONS really big deal xx Annabel

Annabel Crichton | 07/04/2021

This is a tremendous effort and I am truly in awe of you.
Well Done Cathy!
You are an example to us all.

Loraine Mosley | 03/04/2021

Looking forward to seeing you complete your 100th Marathon Cathy!
Good luck and enjoy :) x

Trinity Buckley | 29/03/2021

Good luck Cathy. I know that despite best efforts you have had to wait a while for this day to come. That shirt will be yours. Xx

Louise Vercoe | 26/03/2021

I can''t wait to be there to celebrate your 100th marathon. To say that a 100 marathons is tough goes without saying, but you have had many more barriers than a lot of runners. Enjoy your special day, the club will benefit from you as a new member, Lynda xxx

Lynda Copson | 26/03/2021

Congratulations on your 100th Marathon! You’re awesome.

George Kavourinos | 25/03/2021

Congratulations on your 100th Marathon! After being pushed back by almost a year and rescheduled multiple times I am glad it could finally take place. Looking forward to cheering you on and running with you on the day.

Gavin Meakings | 24/03/2021

Congratulations on your 100th marathon Cathy! Through thick and thin & multiple lockdowns its going to be well worth waiting for. It'll be a real honour to watch such a lovely lady complete this very special millstone. Good Luck!! See you on 18th April 2021 xx

Rik Vercoe | 24/03/2021