Well Wishes Wall

Michael Wiggins will be celebrating achieving 99 Marathons
at One Run to Rule Them All - The Elven White Run on 17/07/2021

You too can send your well wishes by logging into Phoenix World

Amazing work, have a fabulous run!
Vicky x

Vicky Burr | 07/06/2021

Very well done, no doubt see you flying past on the day!

Matthew Robins | 06/06/2021

Wahoo! Flake day!! Congratulations Michael, what a fab achievement!!

Alice Robinson | 28/05/2021

I do hope Rik remembers your flake. It is an amazing achievement

Annabel Crichton | 19/05/2021

Good luck for your 99th Marathon Michael It was awesome watching you achieve the 10 Marathons in 10 Days in style and I look forward to seeing you celebrate your flake day on 17th July.

Rik Vercoe | 19/05/2021