Phoenix Running

Coronavirus Covid-19

Phoenix Running Event POSTPONEMENTS due to COVID-19

This is the message I never thought we’d ever have to write, however we simply must put the safely of our runners and the general public first. This has been an agonising decision with no right or wrong answer, but we sincerely feel that this is now the ‘right’ thing to do and we have a plan!

Some of our main considerations;

  • Putting our runners first and looking after them
  • Following specific Government and England Athletics advice
  • Keeping it simple and avoiding complex deferrals or polices
  • Long term planning and solutions rather than creating more short term issues

    So far?

    We have postponed our Denbies 10 & 20 at the request of the venue and we fully support this decision. All participants have already been emailed and an alternative date is set as Sunday 2nd August. We are unable to offer refunds to this event, however in the coming weeks we will be offering more alternatives to defer entries to for anyone who can't make the new date, so that no one looses out.

    The plan?

  • We have a clear plan!
  • We have suspended entry to all our events in April and May ONLY – please feel free to continue to enter events from June onward.
  • Our very next event is the 20in20 (part of this is the 10in10 and 5in5 and there are a whole host of single day entries thrown in for good measure).
  • So – who is up for the 21in2021........?
  • We have now to ‘LIFTED & SHIFTED’ the entire 20in20 from this Easter 2020 to next Easter 2021. That’s right the whole lot – 20in20, 10in10, 5in5 and for now, ALL the single day entries – all of it!
  • All entrants to the 20in20, 10in10, 5in5 and all individual events during the 20in20 have been emailed - please check you spam folders if you haven;t received it
  • The 21in21 will start on March 27th 2021 and will follow the exact same pattern as was planned in 2020. Every individual day’s themed title will be the same. Same order, same format, same everything.
  • The only difference will be the addition of day 21 (themed name to be revealed). Every person who’s entered this year’s 20in20, 10 in10 or 5in5 will be automatically get a FREE entry into Day 21.
  • All of the above events have now re-opened for entry on their NEW dates in 2021

    What’s next?

  • Following on from the 20in20, each of our planned events will be postponed to the same weekend or nearest weekend the following year.
  • One by one and in a timely manner we will roll everything on a 12 month basis.
  • We’ll do absolutely everything for you, so no need for you fill out online forms, we’ll do it all.

    Why are we doing it this way and not like everyone else?

  • Firstly because everyone else has postponed by 6 months – we don’t believe that’s long enough and in 6 months time the race calendar just got real busy, real fast! There’s no space and we don’t want to make you choose or lose out due to multiple races. Not to mention, it’s perfectly possible COVID-19 will still be wreaking havoc in 6 months time. The UK race calendar needs sufficient time to stabilise and recover.
  • However, there are very few races set for this time in 2021 so a rolling 12 month plan seems both sensible and workable for all of us. So, that’s what we’re doing.
  • We want to avoid complex and difficult to manage transfers and deferrals so that we can ensure no one ultimately looses out.

    What if I don’t like your plan or I don’t want to wait a year?

  • We’re flexible as always, but right now we’re asking you to bear with us.
  • COVID-19 is going to get worse before it gets better, so we’re asking folks to let us start our plan and let things settle for a month or two. Then we can tweak things.
  • Once our 12 month plan is actually rolling we can easily start dealing with individual race transfers in line with our usual T&C’s and Treating Runners Fairly Policy and bring your entries forward.

    What’s next, how long will this last for and how long will this damn post go on for?

  • We’ll email each entrant to each event, race by race, in a timely manner, approximately 2 week prior to each rolling event postponement. This is so you have enough time to re-plan travel / accommodation. It’s a fine line; we don’t want to do it too early in case we can then put the event on, or too late so it’s hard for you to re-plan. We’ll do our best to get it right
  • We’ll review this on a race by race basis and the minute we can safely put our races back on then we will.
  • It’s far from perfect and we know we’re asking a lot from each of you to trust us to do the right thing. We think this is it and we hope you know we have everyone’s best interests at heart.
  • That’s it for now and we will update this plan as updates become available.

    Stay Safe everyone!