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At Phoenix Running we’re all about being inclusive; it’s about great routes, great medals and above else, great people.

We believe it’s all about encouraging and enabling runners to achieve things that perhaps they once thought were impossible, whether that’s your first 5km, 5 mile or 50 km run, we’ll support you to success.

Small steps lead to bigger things and everyone starts at the beginning. Who knows where the journey may take you?

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We've created a little BIB widget that lets you type in your name / nickname and a BIB number..... for no other reason than just for a BIB of fun really

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Championing Women’s Running

Phoenix Running - Championing Women's Running

Here at Phoenix Running we aim to make our races as inclusive as possible by Championing Women's Running. Following the race guidelines outlined on SheRACES, we've made some enhancements to ensure our events are as female friendly as possible. Female inclusiveness at Phoenix Running is championed internally by Louise Vercoe, co-founder and female athlete and externally by two independent athletes and champions of women’s running, Sarah Marshall and Amy Lomax. If you have any pre-race issues or concerns, any special requirements or any feedback on our female inclusiveness, you can email Louise directly at, or Sarah at and Amy at

Phoenix Running - Championing Women's Running

Running Awards - Winners

Phoenix Running has won four Running Awards – Silver in 'Best Marathon' in 2019, Silver in 'Best Marathon', Bronze in 'Marathon Event Series' and Silver in 'Trail Race Series in 2020. Thank you to our runners for voting for us!

Thames Valley Awards - Winners & Finalists

Phoenix Running was shortlisted as finalists from over 2,000 nominations in three categories in the 2021 Thames Valley Business & Community Awards; ‘Lifetime Achievement of the Year’, ‘Leisure & Tourism of the Year’ and 'The COVID Community Champion Award'. We then went on to win the 'Leisure & Tourism of the Year' Award.

Great British Business Awards

Finalists 2022

Phoenix Running was shortlisted as one of six finalists from over 1,600 nominations in the 'Lifetime of Achievement' category and one of four finalists in the 'Leisure and Tourism' category in the 2022 Great British Business & Community Awards.

Thames Valley Awards - Finalists 2022

Phoenix Running & Rik Vercoe are delighted to have been nominated and then shortlisted as finalists in the 2022 Thames Valley Business Awards in three categories; ‘Lifetime of Achievement Award’, 'Outstanding Contribution to The Community Award', and 'Leisure & Tourism Award'.

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